If You Don't Know Me By Now

“Grace is the ‘isness’ of life. It’s recognition that everything is connected and sacred” ~ Cheryl Richardson

I Wanna Be Bad

I’m losing my cool, I’m about to break the rules ~ Willa Ford (Album: Willa Was Here) “If we look for hidden opportunities that come to us in the form of crisises, and respond with spiritual, sustainable principles the universe will support our efforts and reward us with the kind of success that the future […]

I do whatever it takes – (Album: Imagine Dragons – Evolve)

Everytime We Touch

Can’t you feel my heart beat fast. I want this to last, need you by my side. ~ Album: Everytime We Touch (Cascada)  

Defining Gravity

So if you care to find me, look to the Western sky ~ Album: Wicked (Original Broadway Cast Recording)

Written in the Stars

Seasons come and go, but I will never change and I’m on my way…Written in the Stars, (feat. D’aun)

Help Me Make It Through The Night

Take the ribbon from your hair, Shake it loose and let it fall, Layin’ soft upon my skin. Like the shadows on the wall. ~ Michael Buble from (love, (Deluxe Edition) “The highest form of thinking is creativity. This means the revelation that there exists no problem that cannot be solved by creativity” ~ Deepak […]