A Pirate’s Life for Me

There are three things I love most in all the world – beauty products, jewelry and purses. And I would have to say in that order. And a new purse does set my heart on fire. To know me is to know that I consider my purse “my muse”. When I buy a new handbag, it has to be calling my name. I really have to “feel” it wants me and I want it. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? It’s a very personal experience and since you are not me, I wouldn’t expect you to understand the process that goes on inside me when I pick out my latest “muse”. When I was in my 30’s and working in Manhattan, I got in the habit of purchasing “knock off” purses for a while. I did that only for a short time and then a law came out making selling knock off pocket books on the streets of New York City illegal. And it got me thinking and asking new questions like, is it true that if someone takes a design from Chanel or Louis Vuitton for example and makes a bag that looks exactly like it – name and all, is that stealing? And in my heart I knew the answer, at least for me, was yes. And as time passed I became more and more aware of the meaning of piracy. These days, 20 years later, my purse is still my muse. And it doesn’t have to be crazy expensive, or the latest “IT bag”. I just have to love it. It only has to thrill me. And if someone in my travels compliments me on it, great. Otherwise, I’ll just go on loving it until I’ve had my fill and I’m ready for a new one. Isn’t life grande? Namaste and blessings, Mia Bella

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