A Public Affair.

When I was 16 years old, I’d go roller skating with a group of friends to the rink at the mall, closest to where we lived. We’d rent our skates, and charge onto the smooth surface of the roller rink. Always excited to start gliding to the music. I remember it being a magical time in my teenage years. This was in the early 1980’s. There was something about skating to my favorite rock music that brought up intense feelings of being free, alive and even relaxed. To me it was like having a super power, being able to roller skate well to the music. Simply divine! I don’t roller skate anymore. Never did like ice skating. I had a skate board for a short time that I truly enjoyed riding in the streets with my best girlfriends. When we would skateboard, sometimes we’d play tunes from The Beach Boys. I had a real “thing” for speed and music when it was combined. Nowadays, I get these same kind of feelings when I’m driving a long open stretch of highway, listening to my favorite “jam”. And I’m happiest when I’m driving solo, hands on the wheel, sunglasses on and a water bottle nearby. Have a beautiful and happy day. ~ Mia Bella

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