Building a Mystery

It’s New Year’s eve 2018 – tonight we will be celebrating a brand new year arriving. This is a special event for me. I am planning to launch my beauty ritual blog March 1st 2019. All of the content of this blog will be taken off and I will start again with what I’m ready to share with the world. For right now, if anybody is reading my blogs, please know they are all experimental. Just me trying out ideas and formulas, like an inventor. 🙂 It’s all going to come together in a more simple and cohesive way. Right now it’s just me playing. And it’s been so much fun for me. 2019 marks the beginning of a change to my work as a writer. Being a writer and speaker is my purpose on this planet. And Aveda and the world of beauty will be my start. And for that I am truly grateful. Wishing everyone a blessed and magical evening. Much love, Mia Bella

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