Compass Rose

I dream about having the chance to go on a vacation to Italy. It’s actually something I’ve dreamed about since I married my husband 31 years ago. We are both Italian by descent. Although my husband Michael is 100% Italian by birth and I’m 50%. My mother was 100% Italian, and my father didn’t have an ounce of Italian blood in him. My husband always jokes with me and tells me I’m very lucky he decided to marry me even though I wasn’t 100% Italian. I must admit, I do love the Italian part of myself. I love cooking Italian food, eating Italian food and even shopping for Italian ingredients in the food store or market. At the same time, I love Indian food, Pad Thai is also a dish I truly enjoy and Japanese/French fusion drives me wild. Yep, I’m definitely Italian at heart but boy oh boy, luckily for me…I’m also so much more. 🙂 Namaste and Blessings, Mia Bella

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