Defining Gravity

So if you care to find me, look to the Western sky ~ Album: Wicked (Original Broadway Cast Recording)

The Flatiron Aveda store is on 5th Ave where the west side of Manhattan becomes the east side. Manhattan of course is well known for it’s amazing Broadway shows. And while I adore Broadway, there no place I rather be than in that lovely Aveda store. It’s full of amazing memories for me. I guess that is where I meet Horst Rechelbacher for the first time. He wasn’t there of course in body but he was definitely there in the soul of the products surrounding me. And I was about to start my life of Aveda Rituals with skin care. For twenty yeas my daily skin care products are rooted in Aveda. What that means is that all of the basics of a healthy skin care line in my facial ritual are from Aveda’s products. I add other products here and there, and I’ll talk about those over time. Today I want to talk about Tulasara, which is what is the current day and night cream I use and love. I have since it was introduced a few years ago. I wake up each morning and go to bed every night knowing I’ve done all I can to defy gravity and it’s affects on my face as I age. And I could go on and on with delusions of grandeur but I won’t. I’ll stop right here and look to the Western sky. Because Horst and Aveda are about to bring things to the Western world of beauty that I never dreamed of, and for that I am truly grateful. Have a beautiful day. Namaste and Blessings, Mia xxoo

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