Everytime We Touch

Can’t you feel my heart beat fast. I want this to last, need you by my side. ~ Album: Everytime We Touch (Cascada)

Ladies and gentlemen, what I am doing with this post? It’s the start of winter, the month of December and my pictures make it look like it’s summer BBQ time. Well let’s face it, it is summertime in Australia, so why not? Have you tried Aveda tea? I love it, hot or cold, it’s delicious, inviting and spicy. I will always remember when I began visiting the Aveda store in the Flatiron district of Manhattan, Aveda tea was available at no cost. You could shop and sip to your hearts delight. It’s still that way at Aveda, whether it’s a store or concept salon, Aveda tea is a welcoming friend, no matter the weather. Namaste and Blessings, Mia Bella


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