Man’s Best Friend

When our only child, Joshua, was 9 years old (he is now 24), we got a family dog. A beagle puppy we named Brewster. Brewster was only a few months old when we brought him home but, as you can imagine, he quickly became Joshua’s “best friend” and remained that way for Brewster’s whole life. it was only a few weeks before Joshua’s college graduation when Brewster became ill and we had to put him down. A very sad time in my son’s life for certain, happening right before he was about to make one of his dreams come true, finally receiving his long worked for University diploma. Our family was hurting from the loss of Brewster on the day Joshua graduated but we still made his celebration special. It was a beautiful lesson that love is greater than fear. By the way, did I mention that the word DOG spelled backwards is GOD? But you knew that already didn’t you? Some say that “love is letting go of fear”. And here is one thing I know for certain – God truly does work in mysterious ways. Namaste and blessings, Mia Bella

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