Real Genius

I absolutely love the character of Harley Quinn in the movie, Suicide Squad. Definitely a dark character who is beautiful, freaky and just plain awful…but she loves herself too, and I find something truly interesting in that fact. One of the leading causes of suicide in our country and the world is clinical depression and anxiety. Yet, so many people make those who are suffering from the illness, people to joke about – make fun of – label insane. Well they are not,,,they are people with a chemical brain imbalance that when left untreated and/or combined with painful thoughts, sometimes seek relief in ending their life of desperation and suffering. If only we could teach our children from the time they are very little just how good they are inside and out. No matter what, we adore them and will always stand proud by their sides. Maybe I’m on my soap box so forgive me – but it doesn’t take a real genius to figure out that loving ourselves and others is often the answer to life’s most difficult questions. Peace, Mia xxoo

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