Self Acceptance is Beautiful!

Some people think that loving the self too much and being vain are the same thing. Do you think that way? Well, I believe this, SELF LOVE IS WHERE THE TRANSFORMATION HAPPENS. To me, it’s like answering a wake up call from the Universe. Beauty in this era, if it’s going to change our world for the better, needs to be about a feeling of acceptance with who we are as women. Yes, I did just say that….and what I mean is this…no matter how we are feeling inside ourselves, the choices we make about what we wear, who we love, and how we live our lives as long as we do no harm to others, Whatever it is – that it’s okay. As long as you feel beautiful and confident…that’s right, YOU FEEL IT, you are good to go girl! So I encourage you to keep loving yourself…because vanity is in the eye of the beholder. ~Mia Bella

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