Soulmate love…..

Do you believe in the theories of soul mates, reincarnation and past lives? I do. Have you ever felt like a part of yourself was missing? And that if you only found the right “romantic partner”, you’d be able to fill up that missing piece inside? It’s like that famous line from the movie Jerry McGuire (which I love by the way), Tom Cruz says “You complete me”. Well, as much as I believe in soul mates, reincarnation and past lives I do not believe that the love of a soulmate has the power to complete a person. NO! Just the opposite really because attaching to a belief like that one…something fantasy and fairy tales are made of…and I’m a romance novelist so I believe in the power of romantic love…I want everyone to find the deep love of a passionate partner that moves their soul to grow. Just never at the cost of our own soul, or giving our power away to another person. I created Divine Winks as a tool of empowerment for women and men to become and feel WHOLE on their own along with Divine love. And when we feel whole on our own, our life becomes rich, filled with love and abundance on every level. Knowing your own soul and owning your own power is life’s greatest reward. ~ Mia Bella xxoo

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