The Mod Squad

When I was a little girl around 8 years old, what I wanted for Christmas was the Barbie pool. Yep, it was 1972 and I had dreams about splashing my Barbie dolls happily in that pool. And I was so excited when that pool was under the tree for me Christmas morning. The only problem was that after hours of playing with my Barbie dolls and the pool, alone in my own little world, I realized that I didn’t have a Ken doll. It never occurred to me to ask for a Ken doll to swim with my Barbies. Do they still make Ken dolls? I wouldn’t even know it’s been that long. Perhaps I need to Goggle it when I’m done writing this article. Too bad it’s late fall and getting cold. Our pool is officially covered and closed. Otherwise, I would have loved to have gone for a swim. Namaste and Blessings, Mia Bella

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