The Power of Relaxation

I was just looking through a bunch of articles and little notions I wrote years ago. it’s kind of cool that the little musing I share below called The Magic of Self Care, was written by me 3/06/10 at 7:34 am. Isn’t technology amazing? iI can capture for us the exact moment something happened. We have technology in the 2018 that no one could have even conceived of in their wildest dreams 100 years ago. It is truly marvelous and no one loves their Apple universe ( iPhone, iPad and Mac Book Air) more than me. I’ve had to learn the hard way that despite all the wonders of technology, we cannot forget the wonders of the natural world and the human need for relaxation that feeds our soul. I took all the photos in this post in 2014, a beautiful summer, when I spent a great deal of my free time gardening and tending to my flowers. I love to garden…it is one of my passions in this life. Nothing can help to relax me more than a flower. No matter what form it comes in, a bouquet, wild flowers, a single rose, a patch of clover, a flowering weed that’s gone rogue, lavender when it’s freshly picked…lavender when it’s been dried and put in a silken bag or in a gorgeous essential oil. It’s my bliss for sure… flowers and happy place….Note to self: next time you need to relax Mia, just let it all be and go take a walk in nature, your heart, body, mind and soul will thank you. ~Mia Bella
The Magic of Self-Care
The art of using essential oils, positive affirmations and empowering self talk to care for and honor your true self.
Learn to love your body-and yourself-as you are-
Increase your experience of guilt free pleasure-
Use natural solutions as a way to maintain a vibrant and healthy life-
Grow daily in the areas of:
Self-trust ~ author :Mia Bella Caruso 2010

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