Whatever It Takes

I do whatever it takes – (Album: Imagine Dragons – Evolve)

My first investment in Aveda’s product line twenty years ago was a great cleanser. I mean, I washed my face everyday like everyone else.
I remember I used something really basic from the drug store. I didn’t think about it too much, it was just soap and water to me. That all changed after meeting Aveda. Washing my face with a lush creme cleanser became a daily beautiful dance. My favorite cleanser for the face today is botanical kinetics, purify creme cleanser. Love it! It’s not the only Aveda cleanser I use because I have several I use for a variety of purposes and my the mood to change strikes me. To know me is to know I am a skin care junkie. I’ll do whatever it takes for great skin. I get facials no less than every 3 months and more when I can. Have you had a facial lately? I haven’t been to the ballet in years and years. The last one I enjoyed was the Nutcracker Suite. Maybe it’s time I went to the ballet again. Wanna come along? Namaste and Blessings, Mia Bella Caruso

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